Boroughbridge Library

On to Boroughbridge Library.  Boroughbridge is a community library run by the Boroughbridge Community Library Association and North Yorkshire County Council.  It overlooks St James’s Square in this picturesque market town.  I am in Boroughbridge a lot supporting events like Small Business Saturday and pushing the superfast broadband project.

Boroughbridge Library provides a very valuable community service.  Part of that service is a home delivery service, run by volunteers.  My job for the day was selecting books for home delivery to those who have difficulty getting in to the library.

This is quite a good fit for me.  I’ve always been a voracious reader, and even have a degree in Literature.  Volunteering in the library was right up my street.

The Library in Boroughbridge is right at the heart of the local community, and access to books so important. The volunteers do a wonderful job, and the knowledge of what people like and whether they had read them made the service very personal. What a friendly team!

Volunteering with Boroughbridge Library is easy.  Simply contact the Boroughbridge Community Library Association on 01423 320731.


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