Another outdoor volunteer activity today and that was ‘Walk Out Well’ with Age UK.

Walk Out Well is a social walking group for people who just want to have a walk or perhaps need someone to walk with them for assistance or company.  The group do short and long distance walks and afterwards have a coffee and chat session.  Many who do the walks told me that they are widowed and how through the walks had met new friends.

The walks are on Thursday mornings and today’s walk started at Harrogate Library and went over to Tewit Well Stray and back.  There were about 15 people walking.

It was a very cheerful event.  The volunteers were there to ensure the walkers were OK and to ensure the walk went at a pace at which everyone was comfortable.  The event combined the therapeutic effect of walking with the ability to chat, renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Afterwards, we had coffee at the United Reform Church on West Park.  I chatted to other participants and it was clear to see just how much they valued Walk Out Well.

I enjoyed the event too because it brings people together, it helps form bonds and it is those friendships that make communities cohesive.  It showed me that volunteering has a much wider impact than just on the individuals doing the volunteering and the groups for which they volunteer.  Volunteering can provide the forum in which new friends are found and helps combat isolation and loneliness.  A most worthwhile group with which to volunteer.


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