A really interesting afternoon.  I hosted a public meeting this afternoon at the Holiday Inn in Harrogate.  The meeting was organised by Alzheimers Research UK and was to present the latest findings on dementia research.

It was a packed meeting with around 100 people present.  We were very honoured to have a particularly distinguished panel who were:

  • Katy Schneider, Public Affiars and Policy Manager, Alzheimers Research UK
  • Professor Christopher Morris, Scientific Director of the Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource (NBTR) at Newcastle University
  • Stuart Pickering-Brown, Professor of Neurogenetics and also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Alzheimer’s Research UK.
  • Michelle Widdrington, autopsy liaison nurse.

Research into Alzheimers is underfunded compared with many other areas of clinical research and we desperately need to look at ways of increasing the money that goes into this area.  We also know that Alzheimers in under-diagnosed.  About half those living with Alzheimers are undiagnosed.

We had great presentations on the scientific advances being made, and then an opportunity for questions from the floor. There were loads. We had far more questions than there was time available, but that just showed how interested people are in this issue. At the end of the meeting several people asked Alzheimers Research UK how they could get involved to help. I think this is very positive, and I hope that the result is some local fundraising to support top British scientists in work which is making a difference.


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