Harrogate Gateway Football Club

Harrogate Gateway Football Club was formed in 1995 and is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers/coaches.

The club is dedicated to the development and provision of football for disabled people in the Harrogate area. It’s aim is to encourage participation regardless of ability and to provide an opportunity for everyone to play at a level which suites them. The club operates under the umbrella of Harrogate & District Mencap and is also affiliated to Special Olympics GB and the West Riding County FA.

HGFC plays in the West Riding Ability Counts Football League, entering teams into the Championship, League Two and League Three. HGFC participates in various other tournaments and competitions around the country and regularly has players selected to represent Mencap and Special Olympics at regional, National and International tournaments.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the club and without them, the club would simply not exist. Like all clubs, they are always desperate for more people to get involved.

Desperate could be a little strong, but we do get involved in a lot of things, which ultimately can lead to a strain on resources. Volunteering can take many forms and to them, even the smallest contribution is priceless.


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